Marriage Celebrant in Australia?

What is a marriage celebrant in Australia?A marriage is a crucial event among couples and those close to them. Planning is usually the key to every successful marriage. You have to ensure everything is in order and well ahead of time, to ensure your marriage day goes on as you wanted. Your big day will attract many important guests and a marriage celebrant who is responsible for performing the wedding ceremony.

To become a marriage celebrant in Australia, you have to be approved by the Department of Attorney General to perform formal events like marriages. Apart from marriages, they conduct other functions such as funerals, baby naming events among others. A marriage celebrant can only conduct marriage if he is authorized under Australian law.

Marriage celebrants coming from groups that are religious are referred to as religious celebrants. A religious ceremony is different from the civil ceremony in that the couple’s wed in presence of God.

Both the religious and civil celebrants have to abide by the legal requirements as stipulated by the federal government concerning the marriage of couples. If marriage is to be carried out in a holy place like church, then are protocols that have to be followed. In other words, civil ceremonies don’t have many restrictions as religious ceremonies.

Factors that affect marriage planning

Planning a marriage is not straightforward as many people think. Marriage is a special event, unlike other events. Marriage is characterized by emotions and that’s why it demands proper planning. Even though you have to take other factors into consideration, marriages tend to be very emotional events for all those involved. Planning a successful wedding or marriage has its own set of challenges due to unique nature.

The following are some of the factors affecting marriage planning:


A wedding just like any other event requires to be budgeted. This is a serious challenge that affects the planning of a marriage. Proper budgeting of a marriage event is a very challenging task, especially when taking into account the expectations of everyone. The job of every marriage planner is to ensure the couple gets the best out of their wedding event. As a planner, you should do whatever it takes to get a discount.

The bride and groom will have to make tough decisions while keeping in mind that weddings are emotional. As a planner, you have to figure out the perfect options that are available without stretching the couple’s budget.


Most dealers and service providers in the marriage industry don’t have uniform standards. It is extremely difficult to measure service and quality because there are no regulations governing this. It is very easy to fall in the hands of vendors who lack ethics, quality, and personality and this can be very strange for your wedding.

It’s recommendable to hire a vendor who has shown to meet your standards. Most vendors are accountable in the provision of quality and service, even though there is nobody governing them to do so. Quality and service are in the hands of the vendors. Choosing the right vendor is the best way to ensure your marriage planning is successful.


Choosing the date for your special day is very crucial when planning your wedding. You have to choose a date you feel you are comfortable with. But before you choose the date you should inform the interested parties like your family so as to avoid any potential conflict. Keeping in mind that most wedding ceremonies are done in the summer, it’s important to plan ahead so as to get the perfect venues or be flexible on the actual date.


Most venues are booked in advance, so it’s essential to decide on the kind of setting you to want on time. The number of guests you have invited should help you in making the decision. You also have to determine the kind of guests that will be present at your wedding. For instance, if a great number of guests who will attend your wedding are elderly then a walk-up loft is not the ideal choice.

What makes a good wedding planner?

Interpersonal Skills

A good wedding planner has amazing interpersonal skills that help him or her to interact with the parties involved. Planners are friendly and can even work under pressure. A good planner comforts the brides and grooms when stressed and also has effective communication skills to negotiate with vendors and service vendors.


Wedding planners are knowledgeable when it comes to wedding planning. They are flexible in planning a wedding according to the requirements of the bride and groom. What you need is just to hire a planner who is smart.

Difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner

A wedding planner is an individual whose job is to ensure your wedding is done as per your wish whereas a wedding coordinator is a person who ensures wedding events proceed as planned.